Michelle Howard – - Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author
Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Sneak Peek of new release


Here’s my Friday sneak peek of my coming WIP, Craving Love.

He had amazing eyes. Eyes she could stare into all night. The blue usually took over the gray but when aroused like that night and right now, the gray splintered and became the dominant color. Smoky wisps that silently demanded.

“Zsamei,” he whispered when she didn’t speak.

“I…yes.” The stammer was completely unlike her. She had a reputation for being poised and confident yet Dorian had her stuttering and shaking like a nervous first time sex sharer.

“Yes?” The other hand on her thigh tightened. Hi gaze burned with a ferocity that unnerved. “Yes, you want this too? Which part?”

Was she really doing this? Her time was limited. No one deserved to form a bond with another and lose them in an instant. But oh, how she wanted this. Something for herself to hold close when the end drew near. She covered his hand on her face with her own. “All of it. Yes to all of it.”