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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Emails to authors


After the release of a new book, I get emails from readers saying they liked a book, asking a question about characters or generally wanting to know about future work. Last week, after the release of Craving Love, I got several emails from readers all saying they were nervous and had never emailed an author before. The emails were sweet and really went a long way to brightening my week since I flubbed the steps and accidentally missed putting Craving Love on preorder like I wanted.

Let me be very clear, if you want to email an author you love or who wrote a book you love, do it. We genuinely enjoy getting those messages and it makes all the hard work, stress, planning and writing worth it 🙂 You might not get a reply due to their schedule or time constraints but most of the authors I know, appreciate and value those notes from readers. I know I do, so feel free to email me if you like a book. I’m a bean spiller and you might get a secret or two out of me. LOL. Now back to the writing cave and Kjar