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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

What’s next?


If you read Craving Love, you probably have a good idea who’s up next in the Ghost Unit series. I’ve been head down to the keyboard with this story. I have so many things I want to include and there was so much information and revelations in Craving Love, I don’t want to miss following up. LOL. I’ve got notes all over and fingers crossed my cover artist can give me the best cover to convey these two. Especially the hero’s hair. YIKES! I have a tentative title but since I’ve changed it 3x’s already, I won’t share that yet. LOL.

Now, onward. I’m not going to call this a sneak peek BUTTTTT, here is a tiny, tiny look lol. unedited of course.

Book 3-Ghost Unit

Fingers trailing up her bare arm, he asked, “Do you favor human Earth terms of affection?”

She frowned and thought about it. “Earth words offer a lot of variety. Though some of it doesn’t exactly translate or make sense.”

“What do you think of baby?” Kjar asked.

Laughter exploded from her and she placed a hand over her mouth to muffle the sound. His lips twitched as he muttered, “She definitely doesn’t like baby.”