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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Sneak Peek #1-Knowing Her


Here’s the first sneak peek at my upcoming romance Knowing Her. This is book 3 in the Ghost Unit series. Avail on all retailers Amazon BN Kobo Apple books

Trouble is a brewing and what does any good heroine do? She calls her brother 🙂


“If you don’t answer me and tell me what’s wrong, I’ll be there before you can end this comm,” her brother Viktor snapped.

And he meant it. Unlike Jaycie, he could travel great distances in a blink.

“I’m fine. No need to rip dimensions apart and step through the universe,” she finally joked.

Viktor snorted and shifted to lie on his back. He propped his hands behind his head and she assumed he’d moved her to hands free comm. Another bit of tech devised by Shiloh. “I don’t rip dimensions and have no idea how one would step through a universe.”

She grinned. “And yet you do.”

Not really. But very few Spectar had the ability to travel the way her brother did.