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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Last sneak peek #4-Knowing Her


Happy friday, here’s the sneak peek of my upcoming book with Joni and Kyele’s daughter Jaycie and one of the Ghost Unit guys 🙂 amazon BN kobo apple books google play (coming soon)

“Four minutes,” she updated as the striker began to wobble and vibrate harder.

“We have you onscreen, Raptor One. The outside runway has been cleared for your emergency landing.”

Relief shuddered through her. She adjusted her course for the wide expanse behind the Jutak building. “Affirmative grou—”

The screen on her panel went dark and the striker dropped. Heart in her throat, Jaycie hit the back up system reboot button. Nothing. She tapped the toe controls but the striker continued its rapid descent.

“I’ve lost power, ground control. I repeat, I’ve lost all power.”