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New book coming soon


So, in addition to the French and Italian translations for Secret Fire coming, I’m also working on a new release in English. Since its a holiday weekend for the US, I’ve decided on a treat for my readers 🙂 Cover reveal and blurb will be in the next newsletter. Sign up now. amazon BN kobo apple books

Small unedited peek here:

Decker dipped his head and tried to shake off the spell he’d fallen under the moment his eyes met those of Magera Zhang, also known as Maggie “The Furious” on the track circuit. Strands of dark hair fell about her face in windswept disarray, the rest in matted clumps on her head from the helmet she held casually tucked in the crook of her elbow.

Unlike some women, she didn’t seem the least bothered by her unkempt state.

“I’m not at liberty to share details until I have your ND on record,” he said in answer to her question.

The left eyebrow, bearing a small silver hoop, shot up and the leg she’d propped on the bench seat to the right of him tensed. “It’s serious enough to warrant non-disclosure classification?”

He held his silence. Truthfully, he’d had to argue heavily with his superior to gain approval to even speak with Magera directly. Her close relationship with the suspect made her a prime candidate to be an accomplice.

Except, he’d studied as much information available on short notice about the hover bike champion and his gut said there was no way she was a party to Vosnic’s alleged crimes. Still, there was always a chance he was wrong, rarely, but a chance so the compromise was the ND. If Zhang violated it, she’d be held liable for any damages as a result of her actions, be stripped of her eligibility to race and faced with imprisonment.

“Wow,” she muttered under breath, shifting her gaze from his face to the now empty track. She cleared her throat. “So, if I agree to the ND, you’ll what, tell me what’s going on?”

Pushing up away from the barrier where he’d been leaning, he sat back in his seat. She hadn’t turned to face him when she asked the question, leaving him to speak to her profile. A beautiful profile, full of sharp but attractive angles. Roy was right. His reaction to the woman was totally unlike him.

“If you agree to the confidentiality clause, I can ask you questions. I can’t, however, share specific details of the case.” He paused. She had a brilliant career, was on a trajectory to break records, and helping him had the potential to change all of that. Doing something completely against his nature, he added, “Be certain before you accept, Magera.”

Finally, she turned to him and he was blown away by the stunning glint in her hazel eyes, more brown than green. The holo images didn’t do her justice.

“You’ve intrigued me. And it’s Maggie. No one calls me Magera.”

She said the last with an upward tick of her lips, drawing his gaze to the bow shape. Being attracted to a potential informant in a major case could only lead to trouble, yet he couldn’t shut down the physical reaction he was having to her. Which probably explained why he asked, “Not even lovers?”

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  1. Gail TintoGail Tinto

    Can’t wait!

    June 9, 2023

    Loving it and intrigued. I like both characters, I can see sparks about to fly.

    June 10, 2023

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