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Peek #2


For those who like seeing early excerpts, here is another look at my upcoming sci fi romance Not This Time. Amazon BN apple books kobo. Google play link will come at time of release.


The clock is ticking for Special Investigator Decker Samuels as he races against time to catch a cold-blooded killer. Bodies continue to drop around him and he must find a way to prove is love for hover cycle champion, Maggie Zhang, before it’s too late and he loses her forever.

Maggie adores Decker, but she knows that if he continues to prioritize work over their relationship, she may have to make a difficult choice As passions flare and danger lurks around every corner, will they find a way to be together or will they be torn apart?

If you love romance with a dash of suspense, Not This Time will leave you wanting more.


The buzzer at her door sounded. Frowning, Magera set her wine down and crossed her living room floor as she ran through a list of people who would visit her this late in the evening. She opened the door and stared.

The last person she expected to see standing on the other side was the handsome Sec Forces Special Investigator who’d questioned her weeks ago. He wore a black, high-collared jacket and matching pants. His hair was smoothed down, the tapered sides hinting at a fresh cut.

His brown eyes warmed as they appraised her figure, taking a leisurely stroll from the top of her head to the bare toes she curled in the carpet.  “SI Samuels, what brings you here? Has something else happened?”

“Everything is fine.” The pitch of his voice flowed over her like a heated blanket. “With the case done, I can officially ask you on a date now.”

Unexpected. It wasn’t often she was caught off guard. It was good to know the flare of attraction she’d felt between them that day at the track hadn’t only effected her.

With a wide grin, she grabbed his jacket at the shoulder and tugged him forward. He stumbled across the threshold into her apartment.

Not giving him time to recover, she shoved the door closed behind him and pressed her body to his. His back hit the wall and he grunted. He glanced down at her and his lips twitched. “Is that a yes, Magera?”

It was a very clear, “F*** yes.”

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