Michelle Howard – - Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author
Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Only a couple of weeks left


Not This Time will soon be in readers hands. I’m at the nervous and excited stage. Can’t wait for everyone to get it but nervous about a new book. As always. Last peek and then there will be an exclusive excerpt for my newsletter readers. amazon bn apple kobo


The clock is ticking for Special Investigator Decker Samuels as he races against time to catch a cold-blooded killer. Bodies continue to drop around him and he must find a way to prove is love for hover cycle champion, Maggie Zhang, before it’s too late and he loses her forever.

Maggie adores Decker, but she knows that if he continues to prioritize work over their relationship, she may have to make a difficult choice As passions flare and danger lurks around every corner, will they find a way to be together or will they be torn apart?

If you love romance with a dash of suspense, Not This Time will leave you wanting more.

Sneak Peek

A grin teasing his lips, he opened one of the drawers on his side of the immense closet custom designed to contain his Maggie’s racing gear along with the gowns and shoes she wore to awards and banquets. He found what he was looking for and went back to their bed.

She lay on her side, covers falling off her hip, watching him with her chin propped on her fist as she rested her weight on her elbow. He slid under the covers and handed over the small box.

“We said no gifts this year,” she admonished.

He shrugged. As if he’d let an opportunity to appreciate her pass.

Frowning, she accepted it and popped the lid off with her thumb. Her gasp reassured him. She glanced from the gleaming jewels on the pendant hanging from the long chain then to him. “Decker.”

A tiny hover cycle charm covered in precious stones nestled in the palm of her hand. Maggie liked pretty things. When she wasn’t covered in grease and overalls or racing leathers, she wore makeup, fancy clothing and had an eye for sparkly earrings and necklaces.

Rarely bracelets because they dangled too close to her hands if she randomly decided to tinker with one of her cycles. If he was honest, he loved how versatile she was. Aggressive on the track and a sweetheart at home.

“You didn’t forget,” she muttered on a sniffle and tugged the necklace over her head. The cycle settled between her plump breasts just as he knew it would.

He chucked her under the chin and drew her gaze to his. He’d ordered the gift months ago and set it aside to give her. “I may have missed the party, but I could never forget the day I became yours.”