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#Nano Update #Nanowrimo day 9


This year it seems like nano is flying by rather quickly. We’re already 9 day into the national writing marathon and have 2 weekends under our belt. I definitely made up for the sluggish week with a great word count on Friday and Saturday. Of course, Sunday wasn’t as good to me and I closed out with 1800 words bringing my total word count on this project to 29k. The story is rolling along nicely and I’m getting in to the bones of the plot and the romance between my hero and heroine.

If I haven’t said it already, I’m working on a sci-fi and I LOVE my hero. His heroine is perfect for him. The only snag is that she makes jokes occasionally and I have to read them several times and debate removing them. Not because there’s anything wrong with them but because I am NOT a funny writer. At least I don’t think so. You’ll never see my write a comedic romance because I don’t think I can write a funny character or humorous situations but this heroine blurts out stuff and it fits. Even my hero has had a couple of moments where you look at him and go ‘bless his heart’. LOL. Southern style all the way. I’ve decided to let the characters play out as themselves and not force their interactions the way I want. Who knows, maybe others will think they have their funny moments to and I won’t have to duck my head in shame 🙂

To my fellow nano participants there is plenty of time for the story to break that holding point. Plenty of time for you to wrangle the scene in place the way you want to. 100 words are better than a blank page.

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  1. michellehowardwritesmichellehowardwrites

    Thank you Susan. I know I will hit the inevitable wall plus I cheated yesterday and went back to clear up some typos and sentences that made no sense. Its smoother than I expected considering the stop and start without going back that I’d been doing.

    November 10, 2014

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