Upcoming Warlord Release

Alright, so I promised in my March newsletter that I’d have a novella for my Warlord series releasing fairly soon. Good news is that the cover is done! Blurb is done! Story is done! Book available for sale…not done! LOL. I’m getting the editing done but it will be up soon. I just couldn’t hold in the news any longer about where the book is at in the process and sharing.

Below is the cover and blurb for A Warlord’s Heart (Book 3.5) which will feature Vaan and Mikayla from Book 1 Honor Bound as well as Warlord Ramar finding the woman who catches his heart 🙂 And boy is she perfect for him. I think I fell in love with Ramar in A King’s Revenge during his dance with Lea at the ball but I never thought I’d write his story so soon. The romance just fell into place while writing about the Overlord and his mate. Honestly, the story was supposed to feature Vaan babysitting the youngling while Miki was away (no side romance) but boy did it take off based on one comment from my beta reader after she read Rise of the Shadow Warriors.




It should have been a simple trip.

Vaan reluctantly agreed to his mate’s decision to travel without him to the neighboring Raasa compounds on a series of good faith visits.

He will pursue her until he wins. 

Warlord Ramar will not let love slip through his grasp now that it’s within reach. As a Kabanian Warlord he’s prepared to battle for what he wants.

Blood will spill.

His enemies made a mistake. One that they will pay with their lives. Peace has not changed Vaan Galip. His family means everything and no one will trespass against the Overlord or those under his protection and not feel his wrath.

Love prevails.

The Warlords are discovering love and will destroy anyone who seeks to take that away from them.


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