Hook for the week

Happy hook day to all my fellow blog hoppers . I was stuck on what to share today and decided to go with my current WIP which has me grinning. I love the World Beyond series so here’s another peek at Book 2, Arak’s Love. Don’t forget to check out http://mfrwbookhooks.blogspot.com/

“Extraction needed, Jaron,” Kyele ordered.

Arak listened and waited for their team leader’s response. Eyes open but strained, it required all of his concentration to keep from sinking into a puddle on the floor and embarrass himself in front of Kyele. The man would never let him hear the end of it.

“I don’t have any eyes on you. The place is lit like a star filled night. Where are you both?” Came Jaron’s solid response.

“Upper floor, north side room. Count off third window over,” Kyele peered out the window, eyes scanning for hidden dangers.

There was no telling if the Marenians were the only two or if more had managed to sneak up on them.

“Sensors are going off all over the place. Not sure how long before company joins us. Faruk and I will make our way over in the shuttle and drop a line. Are you both able to climb?”

Arak gritted his teeth at the question, wondering if some dark hearted god had it out for him.

Kyele sent a smirk his way and answered, “We can climb. That’s what cats do, right Arak?”

Arak gave him a humorless smile and flashed his fangs for added threat.

“Give us five,” Jaron requested.

“Affirmative.” Kyele tapped his ear piece and stayed by the window, studying the exterior.

Arak huffed out a breath and slouched against the half destroyed wall to ease some of the pressure on his leg. “Out of curiosity, on a scale of one to ten…exactly how powerful are you?”

Kyele slanted him an annoyed glance. “Nine.”

Arak grinned and swiped at a stream of blood running from his damaged nose. The blue liquid stained his fingers. “Somehow I thought you’d say ten.”


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