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Wewriwa and A World Beyond


What a busy week its been. The kids had off for spring break after the holiday and a bunch of the fam went to the beach. Managing roughly 10 boys had its moments :/ All in all its good to head back home. I might not jump back on today while I do tons of laundry, try to get everyone settled to return to school but I will make my visits tomorrow 🙂 For those that like to follow along please click here www.wewriwa.com to see sneak peeks of authors current releases or upcoming releases. Below I’m sharing from book 2 in the A World Beyond series. Since I started in the heroines POV I’ll continue. Last week, she caught her first sight of a Marenian. Enjoy

The horned alien grunted something to the two tube faced men which caused one to jump and run to Yulee. He grabbed the body by the pant legs and dragged the dead weight toward a cylinder connected to the side of the ship. Tube face hauled Yulee’s limp body and tossed him in the clear container then slapped a red button on the wall near the panel. The lid closed and locked into place. A woosh and rustle filled the cargo area as Yulee’s lifeless body was sucked out and away.

Someone cried out to her left. Sylvie slapped a hand across her mouth to hold in her own dismay as terror slammed her heart into a double rhythm. She fell back against the bars when the horned alien cocked his head and turned toward her.

The story is moving along very well though I’m in the middle where I tend to self-doubt, call myself lame and play with the idea of using the delete button. All a part of the process 🙂 If you’re looking for your Warlord fix, A Warlord’s Heart is up on Amazon and should hit the other retailers soon. A Warlord’s Heart: Warlord Series 3.5


18 thoughts on “Wewriwa and A World Beyond”

  1. Gemma ParkesGemma Parkes

    Oh No! Look out, run! Exciting snippet, great descriptions!

  2. Eleri StoneEleri Stone

    Nice action sequence. Super tense and flows great:D

  3. Author Charmaine GordonAuthor Charmaine Gordon

    What a description, frightening and graphic. You have a remarkable imagination.
    10 kids? I assume you took friends along.

  4. Cara BristolCara Bristol

    Uh oh. She’s next! Or appears to be. Not a good position to be in.

  5. naomi shawnaomi shaw

    Great visuals. I love the snippet and look forward to more

  6. Alexis DuranAlexis Duran

    Yikes! That is truly horrifying. Awesome snippet.

  7. Teresa CypherTeresa Cypher

    Oh man…she’d better run! Scary scene–nice job of writing the “dire” into her dire straits. 🙂

    • michellehowardwritesmichellehowardwrites

      I worked hard to imagine my reaction in this situation Teresa. Scary aliens, locked in a cage to boot.

  8. veronicascottveronicascott

    Quite a dramatic moment! I love this series 🙂 Another excellent excerpt…

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