#8 Sunday

Welcome readers! Had an awesome weekend with great weather and spent time with friends. Couldn’t have asked for more. Now its time to buckle down on the writing front. Today I’m sharing more from the heroine in Arak’s Love. Last week, the aliens tossed a dead body into space while she and the others watched. After checking out my snippet make sure to see what others are sharing at http://www.wewriwa.com.

Full lips twisted upward in his tanned face and black hair fell in disarray about his shoulders. No, no, no. Heavy footsteps caused by his thick boots pounded in her direction. Sylvie gripped a single metallic bar behind her with her free hand as a ball of dread knotted in the pit of her stomach. Sweat broke out on the flesh of her bare arms.

Curved horns pointed at her when he spoke and the tube faces nodded as pleased grins stretched across their thick lips. All three aliens gathered in a circle mere feet away from her cage and fiddled with thick black watches on their wrists. The horned alien smacked one of the tube faces on the shoulder afterward and they laughed.


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