Something new part 9

This is probably the last snippet I’ll share from the novella I’ve titled, Love Like No Other. (a mouthful right?) The book is done and will be on its way to the editor after I’ve gone through it with a fine tooth comb.

“What’s to stop your Commander from shooting us out of the sky the minute he sees an unidentified ship?”

“Prayers,” Cellie answered and hoped her lover used his keen intelligence to check for the Jessin crest on the wing of the transport before firing.

Cordelia leaned back in her seat with a hum. “Let’s hope you’re really good in bed.”

The words startled Cellie enough to look up from the control panel at Cordelia in disbelief. “What?”

Cordelia grinned. “He’d have more reason to hesitate.”

Unbelievably, Cellie laughed. “Then we got it made because I’m hella awesome in bed.”

Maybe another round of edits? Looking at this I’m concerned hella is to modern a word for a book that’s supposed to be a sci fi romance with two humanoids that aren’t from Earth. What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and comment 🙂


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