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Happy Release for Lindsey’s Rescue


Is it midnight in Australia yet?? I’m chewing my nails because Lindsey’s coming today or tomorrow depending on where you live. I should stay away from the laptop, distract myself with Halloween nonsense, maybe eat 5 caramel apples :p If you want to follow what happened to Faye’s friend Lindsey from Torkel’s Chosen, check out your favorite retailer.


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Bemusement kept Baruk off balance as he observed his new wife. Lindsey’s eyes widened with each room he showed her, starting with the rooms on the upper level and ending with the one he assigned as her bedroom. He’d given her the tower room, thinking the circular balcony off the sitting room would appeal to the glimpse of whimsy he’d sensed as she begged so prettily to form a Triad with him.

“This is freaking amazing. Off the charts like a castle.” She pushed back the sheer white curtains over the double-glass doors and opened them to the patio inlaid with bronze and gold stones from the Zorona Mining sites. His best friend, Riun, had been all too eager to have his family provide the stone work for the renovations Baruk made some years ago. Not to mention the project added a nice bit of liko to the Paer family coffers.

The tiny balcony only had room for a small table and chair set, which he thought Lindsey would approve of. Her squeal of delight had him biting back a smile. She hurried back into the room, leaving the doors open behind her and dove onto the bed which dominated the room. The white sheets and covers consisted of the highest quality fibers.

Her arms and legs spread as she swished them about though he couldn’t fathom the reason for her gyrations. She leaped to her feet before he could blink and opened the closet doors and gasped.

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  1. Susan GourleySusan Gourley

    Congrats on another release. Five caramel apples might be a bit much. Wishing you the best.

    October 26, 2015
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    I’ve got it on preorder, can;t wait!

    October 26, 2015

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