Writing Cave-Kyele sighting

I’m in the writing cave…supposedly but keep popping my head out because I have NO will power. LOL. According to the weather man we are due for snow this weekend. 2 feet…supposedly. 🙂 The only thing good about this potential storm is that A)I’ll have more time to write and B)It hasn’t snowed all winter yet outside the occasional flurry (twice). Writing is progressing aka I can say that what I have of Kyele written is going pretty well. A couple of parts I’m sure I’ll go back and fine tune long before it sees the editor’s desk simply because I’m feeling him out. Kyele is a mystery to me but I think Joni sees beneath his façade 🙂 Which is good since she’s going to be his one and only love! Dropping off a tidbit below. As scary as sharing peeks of unfinished work is I’ve decided I’ll leave Kyele sightings when possible. Enjoy

“What’s gotten into you?” Geile asked Kyele as he hefted a body and threw it to the growing pile they’d started.

Kyele paused after checking the pockets of the fourth man. They’d removed the masks of each one but their faces offered no clue to their identities. Random mercenaries. “Why would you think something is wrong with me?”

“Because you were short with Joni and as scary as you are to the rest of us, it hasn’t been missed that you watch that female as if you want to make a meal of her.”



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