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Print Update plus Kyele sighting


Well we ended up with 25 inches of snow. This gave me time to get some little things done. Next up is digging out but in the meantime…I finished formatting Love Like No Other for print and I’m just waiting for my cover artist to shoot over the full cover then it will go live for sale. I can’t believe all of my books are in print now and I’m getting better about getting the print copies out not too longer after the ebooks 🙂 So for all of you paper lovers and series collectors, I hope this rocks your day.


Now for this weeks Kyele sighting as I’m calling them. LOL

Glass shattered in the outer room coinciding with a fierce roll of thunder. Joni jumped. “Oh, God. Kyele, someone’s in my place. I-I need you to be the baddest bad ass and get here now.”

“Get out.” Whisper soft, the harsh command snapped her spine straight nonetheless.


“Get out, Joni or you won’t like my reaction if something happens to you.”

I’m thinking she needs to get out :/


2 thoughts on “Print Update plus Kyele sighting”

  1. Sandy BowersSandy Bowers

    I’m sick to my stomach with anticipation for Kyele!!! I’m having withdrawal from my Warlords and the boys from a World Beyond!!!!! How much longer for Kyele? (whine) Approximately? And maybe a Warlord soon after that? Pleeeeeeeease!!! Seriously, I’m hopelessly addicted to these series. On release days, its Christmas to me!! I love them so much. Can you tell? Lol


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  2. michellehowardwritesmichellehowardwrites

    I’m sick to my stomach too Sandy. LOL. With nerves. I’m hoping to get Kyele out in March, maybe a preorder up and ready by February. Depends on edits once I’m done. I’ll share the cover in my next newsletter since that’s done. A new Warlord is coming too. Kavan’s story 🙂 I can’t believe its been at least 8 months since I wrote about my Kabanian warriors so I’m excited to get his story out. Had to stop working on it to focus on Kyele

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