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Sharing a bit from my latest release Love Like No Other


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Just lovers. That was the unspoken agreement between them but what they shared wasn’t enough for him anymore. Commander Jaxon Brom wages a war for the heart of the woman he loves. It may prove to be his toughest battle ever but one he doesn’t plan to lose.

Cellimina Manx is a guard for the royal Queen of Zephyl. Her heart belongs to one man but her past keeps her from reaching for what she wants. When a sudden attack throws her closer to her lover, Cellie must decide if risking it all is worth it.

Once Cellie and Jax put the fear behind them, they’ll discover a love like no other.


The security alert on the door chimed seconds before it opened and closed.

“Finally,” Jax growled from the bed.

Standing in the doorway, framed by the light he’d left on in the outer room, Cellie laughed. “I do have a job you know. Things to do.”

She crossed the room and started removing her palace uniform. Jax stroked his flexing shaft, not hiding his smirk when her gaze drifted to his lap. His hand worked beneath the sheet but no way could she miss the rise in the cloth. “I have a job for you right here.”

Jax’s crass words caused a snicker to escape as Cellie joined him in the middle of the bed. “I can’t believe you said that.”

A slow smile curled his full lips, filling Cellie’s heart. She loved the surly Commander, though she’d never share the sentiment aloud. That wasn’t how this thing worked between them.

His arm snagged around her waist as soon as she reached him and tumbled her backwards onto the silky sheets as he rolled over her.

“I’ve missed you,” Jax whispered against her throat, all humor faded from his voice.

Cellie threaded her hand through his dark hair, strands curling about her fingers. “I missed you too, Commander Brom.”

He sucked the sensitive spot at the base of her neck before his head lifted. “Are we using titles tonight, Senior Guard Manx?”

Cellie stretched out on her back, arms over her head, trusting him as she’d trusted no other lover in her past. “I’m open to playing if you are.”

His steel grey gaze darkened at the sensuous dare. “Assume the position, Manx. You’re under arrest for violation of code 6634-Brom.”

Fighting back a smirk, Cellie rolled to her hands and knees and glanced over her shoulder. “Remind me, Commander. Which law did I break again?”

This book is another personal fave. I love my sassy Cellimina and I loved her hot Commander hero 🙂


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