Happy Valentine’s Day-Kyele sighting

Happy Valentines day everyone. Don’t eat too much chocolate 🙂 Below I’ve also including a small Kyele sighting in lieu of chocolate.

“You’re going to be behind me?”


He lied. Joni wasn’t sure how she knew. Her stomach twisted into knots. Glaring for good measure, she leaned in close to him and grabbed a hand full of his shirt. “You better not let anything happen to you. You won’t like what I’ll do.”

The corner of his lips curled, recognizing the play on the words he’d spoken to her earlier. He clasped one of her hands and kissed her knuckles, melting her with the simple gesture. “Go, little Earthling.”

Joni ran.




2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day-Kyele sighting

  • Tam

    Thank you for posting these ‘Kyele sightings’ – they’re great! You have a fantastic imagination and talent putting it into words that your readers can envision the world you’ve created. Looking forward to the book … did you by chance have an idea on a release date?

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