Kyele sighting

Life keeps you busy despite thinking you have a plan in place. Trying to stick to my blogging schedule and I have to stuff valentines for my son’s class this week. Oh, and a tree fell on my car thanks to the snow about 2 weeks ago. LOL. No worries as it just scratched the heck out of my car but didnt leave dents or smashed windows. That’s a good thing so I focused on the positive 🙂 My narrator is also fine tuning the few edits we have sooooo, we might have my audiobook for Torkel’s Chosen out by weeks end. Depends on how fast amazon gets it up once we approve it. Next we’re starting Arak’s Love in audio and I’m thinking March? Maybe.

Happy beginning of Lovers month (February) oh and I’ll just leave my latest Kyele sighting here 🙂

“There are…things about me. Not good things.”

Joni slid her hands from his hair to his jaw and lifted his head to stare into his eyes evenly. “We all have secrets.”

He rested his forehead against hers and whispered a command that had her lower region pulsing. “Tell me your secrets, Earthling.”

Can Kyele be my Valentine? Cover reveal coming soon.


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