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Warlord stuff


So I’m working on the Warlord book and I like to work on two books to keep my mind from wandering. Needless to say, I’m buried in the land of Kaban and Raasa. I also want to shake every Kabanian female and tell them to be assertive! LOL. I must create a small mutiny for them to make the Warlords pay attention. These stubborn men are causing drama. None more so than Vaan. The Overlord needs a pot slammed on his head. Anyway, there’s the update for the book I’m currently writing 🙂 And a tiny unedited snapshot below of what’s going on.

Saran gaped. “A true Kabanian woman should remain unmoving and allow the warrior to achieve his release.”

Vaan remained silent his stare speaking for him.

“Are you saying she moves?” The very thought appalled Saran and yet his toqa throbbed between his legs.

Red streaks appeared on his brother’s cheeks. “They do things. The women and the men. It is pleasurable for both.”

Saran’s curiosity would not abate. “Tell me, Vaan.”

Vaan glowered and crossed his arms over his chest. “Raasa do not only kiss on the mouth.”

Brows drawn, Saran listened to the words and put together what wasn’t said. His mind came to its own conclusion as he tried to envision the possibilities. “All of Raasa participate in bed play in this manner?”

A sharp nod was his only answer.

“I speak truth when I say it sounds perverse.”

LOL, oh my poor Saran if only you knew better 🙂 🙂




2 thoughts on “Warlord stuff”

  1. Lady ElizabethLady Elizabeth

    I saw this post before and I was not going to read the Warlord series ecen thou I loved the World Beyond series. It’s not my thing or topic, but after a week or so I did read Honor Bound. The day after that, I got my hands on The Overlord’s Heir and read throu it in one sitting.

    It still confuses me, it’s not my usual style of books to read but damn I liked them. Even thou some words and names and characteristics are not vivid in my brain, it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a good story.

    I sooooo want to see Saran and Kavan facing his own mates, because I’m sure it will be a fun read.

    July 10, 2016
    • michellehowardwritesmichellehowardwrites

      Best compliment ever!! There have been a few books I’ve picked up that were not my usual but I fell in love with the stories because the author sucked me in so thanks for sharing this with me 🙂 Made my day

      July 10, 2016

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