Year planning

Half of the year has gone by and I’m frantically checking my calendar and comparing it with the release schedule I planned for this year. Things don’t match up…at all. Typical but I had personal family things come up that really made it difficult for me to even think about writing.

What I do know will come out is my Warlord book featuring Saran, Vaan’s brother. Try really hard for Kavan too. I’ll also work on something for Nano which I’ve done the last 3 yrs. (FYI-Honor Bound and Torkel’s Chosen came from my nano efforts) Maybe I’ll even jump on last years unfinished nano project. I love that story so far and it would launch a 4 book series. That’s my rough plan but no guarantee because well…life.

If you’re curious about a specific character/series feel free to comment. I can check to see where it is on the schedule. 🙂 Or sign up for my newsletter and be the first to know all the deets.

**Also service announcement on my newsletter. I’ve tried to do a few preventative things on the back end due to recent changes with email providers and mailings. I hope the tweaks help but if not please be sure to check your promotion folder, spam or junk. The newsletter is liable to end up in one of those despite my efforts 🙂




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