2017 is here

And January is almost done. I’ve been a bit absent but I promise its been work related. I lost editing notes on Love Like No Other audio and had to listen again to the last chapters to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Luckily my narrator is a whiz and I was able to get the finals to him and it should be coming soon. I also listened to the 1st chapter of Kyele’s Passion in audio and I love Kyele’s voice already. I think you will too 🙂 And continuing my efforts to convert my backlist, I am also listening and editing my Warlord audiobook Rise of the Shadow Warriors. Whew! A lot of listening going on.

On the writing front, I’m doing a mass reread of the Warlord Series to check details in Unexpected Bride to make sure I have my ducks in a row. Its taken way longer than I expected to finish this book but I want to love it and not just like it. That’s my wish for every book I write so the patience for those eagerly awaiting Saran is much appreciated. After the Warlord book I have Rydak’s Fall and then another Jutak warrior. YAY!


In no order, I’m also hoping to get out the next dragon book with MK Eidem, a sequel to Taste of Wicked and many more things that were pushed to a back burner during 2016.


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