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Trial By Flame-New Release Coming


Did you know MK Eidem and I have a new release coming? Trial By Flame contains Autumn’s Kiss, the sequel to Kirall’s Kiss and Relentless Fire, the sequel to Rylin’s Fire. Two wonderful stories of dragon hot romance. Today I’m sharing the cover AND I managed to beg and plead for MK to give us a sneak look at Autumn’s Kiss. 🙂 Next week I’ll share from Relentless Fire

ooooh, pretty. LOL.

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Autumn’s Kiss excerpt:

“Autumn, these are my brothers Zeb, Jariath, and Radko.” Kirall gestured to each one as he said their name. “Brothers, this is my mate, Autumn.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Autumn said giving each one of them a small smile. She knew her mother would be upset if she didn’t at least make an attempt at being polite. Funny how even after her being gone for all these years, those lessons still stuck. “Kirall has told me a great deal about all of you.”

“Really?” The taller of the three asked skeptically.

“Really,” she replied. “It was a rather long trip so to fill in some of the time, Kirall told me stories about all the trouble his brothers would get into. Especially you, Zeb.” She saw Zeb’s eyes widen slightly at being singled out. “It seems you liked starting Nixie’s hair on fire… and it wasn’t always an accident.”

“What?!!” Nixie demanded, hearing what Autumn said as she walked over to join them.

“Now, Nixie.” Zeb raised a placating hand even as he tried not to smirk. “You know it’s quite common for a young Dragoon to have trouble controlling their fire at first. Even you did,” he reminded her. “I distinctly remember you torching that tapestry once during evening meal.” He gestured to the wall behind them and turning, Autumn saw that indeed the tapestry hanging there had black singe marks along the bottom.

“That was the first time my fire ever appeared!” she told him angrily. “It never happened again. You, on the other hand, were nearly sixty before you gained full control of yours.”

“Are you sure about that?” Autumn questioned quietly. She wasn’t sure why, but she was thoroughly enjoying teasing Zeb. She supposed it was because when Kirall told her about all the tricks Zeb played on his older sister, it reminded her of Jack.

“What are you talking about?” Nixie demanded, her gaze going from Autumn to Kirall, who was fighting a smile, to Zeb who was doing his best to look innocent. “Are you saying you intentionally burnt my hair off? The Annual Ball was that night! It was my first time attending!”