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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Nikol’s Surrender Friday sneak peek #1


Every Friday until release, I will post a sneak peek from my upcoming sci fi romance Nikol’s Surrender

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Red slashes darkened his cheeks. The taunting smile fell away but she didn’t take it as a victory. Nikol crossed to her, closing the measly gap she’d managed to retain and gripped her neck in a firm hold. He lifted the slightest bit, forcing Darcy to go on her tiptoes or risk choking. Her hands fell to his wrist, attempting to halt his grip.

“Impertinent. I believe it is a trait many of the females from your planet possess.”

Darcy couldn’t get his hand to release her. Fear rocketed but she didn’t turn away from the fury in his gaze. He didn’t increase the pressure but she felt his hold. Her voice came out a determined filled rasp. “You mistake strength for impertinence.”

Leaning in close, Nikol said, “And you must mistake my patience for weakness.”