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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Nikol’s Surrender Friday sneak peek #2


Every Friday until release, I will be sharing snippets from Nikol’s Surrender November 15, 2020
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Like an invader taking what was his, he entered her mouth with a ruthless stroke and nipped her own tongue in retaliation. The kiss was over a split second later as he used the firm grasp of her hair to tilt her head back and snarl. “Kneel.”

Darcy blinked. She was trying to catch her breath and get her wits about her when the meaning of his order sank in. “You jerk!”

She raised her leg to knee him in the crotch but he shifted his hips and pressed his forehead to hers. “Kneel now.”

There was a knowing glint in those dark brown eyes, the smirk twisting his lips a clear warning. She held his gaze as she slid to her knees as much as the hand in her hair would allow. He leaned over following her motion until her knees met the floor before releasing her hair.

To her surprise, he went to one knee beside her and glided his jaw alongside hers. His mouth hovered over her ear, creating betraying shivers, to whisper, “If I have to tell you again how to behave when I enter a room…”
Uncontrollable anger filled her. She hated him. Hated what he stood for. “You’re an animal!”