Michelle Howard – - Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author
Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Nikol’s Surrender Sneak Peek #5


Here we go everyone! The last sneak look at Nikol before his release this weekend. Links to buy below. Annnd it’s Friday the 13th so stay lucky. LOL

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It was a blatant challenge to anyone with a drop of sense and it was evident by his past behavior Nikol didn’t like her pushing back at him. He was the predator and she was unavoidable prey.

His fingers caressed her wrist, the pulse jumping with each stroke. God save her from being a fool as she waited for his response.

“You like the rush, Darcy?” he asked in a random subject change with seeming casualness.

There was nothing casual about the inquiry despite his bland expression. Darcy knew it and he knew it too. She shivered and worried she’d brought a world of hurt on herself while also wondering how she could get back in his arms.

“I think you do,” Nikol declared without waiting for her to respond. “Be careful how you draw my attention, Earth woman.”

He dropped her wrist suddenly and held up his other hand. His fingers still held a sheen on the tips from when they’d been inside of her. He licked each one carefully, his tongue dragging up the digits with meticulous care.