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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Sneak Peek 1 Her Cold Heart


Here is the first peek of my upcoming cyborg book Her Cold Heart.

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Out of the thirty registered fighters, allegedly only four were here of their own free will. Farid was one of them.

As if finally noticing the screams, his gaze scanned the crowd. A harsh grimace etched his ruthless features in severe lines. Sora’s heart sped up as she took in his massive form. The single harness across his pectoral muscles looped over his shoulder and emphasized his intimidating form.

Not that Sora was intimidated. She catalogued his features from the mottled brown and olive green skin to the two long black braids swinging over his shoulders. Every step out of the arena thudded, his bare feet not hesitating on the trek across the rough ground toward the entryway he’d come in through.

The knee length pants he wore were held up by a wide brown belt with the skull of some creature on the front. His heavily muscled thighs and calves drew her gaze down. He could crush a being with his lower limbs alone.

A quick glance assured that the crowd was as enraptured with his silent and unemotional exit as Sora. When he reached the arched opening, he tipped his thick neck back and roared. She swore tremors shook the rafters though her internal sensors said they didn’t.

“Magnificent, is he not?”