Michelle Howard – - Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author
Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Sneak Peek #2-Her Cold Heart


Two weeks to go for the next cyborg book 🙂 I can’t wait for readers to meet Sora and Farid.

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Farid stopped in front of her with mere inches to spare. “Who are you?”

She jerked. Then blew out a breath. “I already told you but for some reason you’ve decided I’m lying and are using your stature and reputation to intimidate me.”

While her tone wasn’t scolding, he took it as such. For one brief second, a flare of shame coursed through him. There had been a time when he hadn’t treated women like that. He immediately shut down the feeling.

There was no room for manners if there was a threat to his end goal. He reached out, expecting her to pull away or swing with the torquing wrench.

She didn’t move or flinch. Nerves of steel. A sizzle of attraction slid down Farid’s spine and he ruthlessly quelled it. He cupped her jaw in his rough palm and leaned in close.

“Are you intimidated?”

A split second later, Farid froze.

“Do I look intimidated?” she asked with a deliberate fake smile and a flutter of those long lashes.

Farid glanced down. Her hand had a tight grip on his cock beneath the towel.