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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

February has arrived


In the newsletter that went out at the end of January I shared the cover and blurb for Secret Fire. (links coming soon) I’m so excited to finally get their story in the hands of readers who have waited patiently for the conclusion of my dragon shifter series.

Since its February aka the month of love and romance, here’s a sneak look. Hmm, edited to add this is a longer snippet than I wanted. LOL. Enjoy!

Secret Fire:

“King Rylin was unable to get a hold of you. No one could. He wanted me to see if I could reach you.”

His brows dipped. No denial that he’d avoided responding to the other kings. “What was so important that he thought it wise to send the one person he knows I would not want in danger?”

Her heart raced then steadied because that was exactly why King Rylin had sent her.

“King Faris fought back the madness after attacking members of his own sect.” It had been a scary time and Rylin along with the Green King, Varyk, had both gone to the aid of the Silver.

Kon kept his gaze on her and tapped a forefinger on the ground between his spread thighs. “And?”

Her face heated and not simply because of the temperature of the water. “Why are you being like this? You know everyone has been hard at work trying to resolve why the Goddess of Fate has turned on us.”

Silence. As much as she wanted to, Breya didn’t dare swim closer to Kon in this state so she tread water at the center of the pool and waited.

His glare spoke volume then he jerked to his feet. “No more games, Breya! Why are you here?!”