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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Sneak Peek #3-Knowing Her


It’s that time again! Knowing Her is book 3 in my Ghost Unit series which is a spin-off from A World Beyond. In these books, we get glimpses of the characters we loved and stories of the children all grown up 🙂 Kyele and Joni’s daughter is the heroine in Knowing Her. Oh, and we get to see her brother Viktor make an appearance too. Amazon BN Kobo Apple books Google Play (coming soon)

Now for the sneak peek 🙂

She drew in another breath and exhaled, allowing her weight to settle against him. Her arms bent in front of her and she planted her palms firmly on Kjar’s chest. His hand glided up and down her back, the repeated motion soothing her as nothing else could.

This was why she’d come. Only with him did she feel this sense of peace. No demands, no expectations, no pressure. The three things that tended to run her life. She should say something. Her lips parted to speak but Kjar tightened his hold and beat her to it. “Shhh. Sleep.”

Every few seconds she jerked, remembered where she was and calmed.

“It’s alright,” he murmured in her ear. “I’m right here.”