Michelle Howard – - Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author
Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Sneak Peek-At Night’s Fall


For those who have been waiting patiently for the next Vassi Contact book, here is a sneak peek. Available on all retailers

She cleared her throat and ignored the flush working its way up her neck to her face with everyone staring at her. The only one who mattered was Emeka. “On Earth, I’m paid to touch objects and know its history, where it’s from and authenticate its province.”

Rysdal sneered but she rushed on before he could interrupt. “I’m also contracted out to recover stolen artifacts. I find things.”

“She’s like a treasure hunter,” Eve piped in.

Rysdal barely spared her friend a glance. “You find things. My son is not a thing.”

“Right.” Nerves raced up her spin in the form of a chill she couldn’t shake. She held up her gloved hands in agreement. This was about a lost child. Nothing he said would stop her. “Touching something of Emeka’s will not only allow me to sense his feelings, I may be able to see who took him. Visions sometimes accompany my psychometry.”

After getting it all out, her heart thumped madly as she waited for him to speak. What happened next was contingent on how reasonable he’d be or if he even believed her.

Rysdal eyed her with no expression on his face. The silence seemed to drag forever when she knew only seconds had gone by. Finally, he said in a voice draped in ice. “You may try.”