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#weriwa Bound by Heat



Welcome back writing warriors and readers. I’m continuing my story about my dragon shifter. If you’ve been hopping along with www.wewriwa.com you know that my heroine was asked to fly with my hero. I fast forwarded a bit to right after that magical flight. Enjoy!

She continued to brush her hands over his scales, smoothing her palms down until they rested above his buttocks where the mantle ended.

Pure ecstasy.

She had no idea. A puff of smoke curled from his nose as Ry forced back the fire raging in his belly.

Dara’s eyes widened and her fingers tensed on his skin. Then a beautiful smile spread across her face. “Biting, growling and now smoke. I like a guy who shows I make him hot.”

Sincerity blazed back from her green eyes. In that very moment as unexpected as he found it, Ry fell a little bit in love with Dara Fletcher from Earth.

I want a dragon shifter :/

Bound by Heat will be out 11/24/15 and Rylin’s Fire is one of the three dragon shifter stories.

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Rylin thought he’d lost everything when his mate left him to bond with another. Then in a surprising twist of fate he inherited the mantle of leadership. Now Rylin rules the Black Dracol but it’s a lonely life. With hopes of finding another mate, he attends a mating party and finds the fates aren’t done with him yet. An Earth woman captures his heart with one flash of her endearing smile and the open ability to laugh at herself.

13 thoughts on “#weriwa Bound by Heat”

  1. Eleri StoneEleri Stone

    I want a dragon shifter too! Great snippet, Michelle:)

    November 8, 2015
  2. Karen Michelle NuttKaren Michelle Nutt

    I want a dragon shifter, too, 🙂 Enjoyed the snippet.

    November 8, 2015
  3. Evelyn JulesEvelyn Jules

    Holy shite. I want a dragon shifter too! This is so well-written! Awesome description, Michelle!

    November 8, 2015
  4. veronicascottveronicascott

    (Dashes off to preorder!) Loved the excerpt, and especially her comment, wonderful.

    November 8, 2015
  5. michellehowardwritesmichellehowardwrites

    🙂 🙂 Thanks for the lovely comments. I’m so excited about this book. Might even write about more dragons because of it. LOL

    November 8, 2015
  6. danijacedanijace

    I love her witty banter! Sounds like a hot read!

    November 8, 2015
  7. Alexis DuranAlexis Duran

    Mmmm, petting a dragon. I want more! Oh, well look, there’s a buy link. How convenient.

    November 8, 2015
  8. Ed HoornaertEd Hoornaert

    You manage to make petting a dragon sexy, which is an amazing feat.

    November 8, 2015
  9. Caitlin SternCaitlin Stern

    It’s always nice to know you’re appreciated. Just so long as no one gets lit on fire.

    November 8, 2015
  10. Daryl DevoreDaryl Devore

    lol – the line about making him hot. I think dragonshifters are awesome.

    November 8, 2015
  11. Teresa CypherTeresa Cypher

    “I like a guy who shows I make him hot.” Outstanding, Michelle! I love when a character gives a witty comeback.! Nice scene–great writing. 🙂

    November 11, 2015

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