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Happy New Year-Plus updates


Whoa! It’s hard to believe 2016 is here. I think I was ready. 2015 had a lot of highs and toward the end some really lows. I’m still dealing with it but I have hopes that this year brings nothing but joy to my heart and YOURS. Usually I do a goals blog when the new year arrives so in order to stay on track let’s talk about what’s in store from my books.

Audiobooks coming for Torkel’s Chosen and Arak’s Love. Torkel is done and needs me to finish reviewing the last chapters and then my narrator will put his finishing touches on it. Arak is started so I’ll roll right into listening to his story once Torkel releases in January.

Kyele’s book from A World Beyond. I think March is the realistic date. The story is moving along smoothly but I’m sure I’ll have a panic attack toward the end which will stall things-per usual. I’m emailing my cover artist to schedule a date for the cover.

Kavan’s book from Warlord Series. My heart says April but my head’s saying May. The problem is that I’m seeing this book splinter in two directions. This is a good thing for Warlord fans because if it keeps up I’m going to end up with a book dedicated strictly to Vaan and Mikayla. I’ll know as I delve further into the story. Things are brewing in the land of Raasa.

In no specific order I have book 2 in the harmony series which starts with No Reason to Run. (yes this means it’s a contemporary). Book 2 in the Alpha Squad which starts with Project Genesis is on the table. I’m also looking at a prequel for this so if my fingers don’t fail me I might get a novel and a novella out for this series featuring alien invaders on Earth. Then my NANO book is calling to me which I REALLY want to finish. That book is fun. Oh and the next book featuring Queen Cordelia from Love Like No Other. Mating Urge, LLNO and then Cordelia’s book aren’t a “series” per se but Torkel and the gang make their first appearance in Mating Urge, a brief pop in from Rydak and Team Three in Love Like No Other and the hero for the Queen made an appearance in Lindsey’s Rescue and Love Like No Other 😉 So, kinda sorta, tiny bit connected in an indirect way. LOL.

That’s 7 books and two audio. Oooooh, less I forget, I also did a cover reveal in my November newsletter for a book that is in line to be edited too. As soon as I have a release date, I’ll share. Enjoy


Meet the man behind the Jutak warrior.

Rydak knew he’d never have a Chosen. His empathic touch blessed and cursed him with the ability to read and sense the emotions of everyone he came in contact with. Until her. Lissi Alonson, sister to the Unit Leader of the Jutak warriors he respected and a woman he’d be a fool to fall for. But sometimes life had a way of giving you the unexpected.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year-Plus updates”

  1. Cara BristolCara Bristol

    You’re going to be busy! Love that cover. It’s so sexy. I keep staring at it thinking I can see more of his butt. Lol.

    January 6, 2016
    • AudreyAudrey

      Me too!

      March 22, 2016
  2. AudreyAudrey

    OMG Rydak’s book. I’m in love of him and Kyele.
    Thank you! waiting, waiting is hard 🙁

    March 22, 2016

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