Poking my head out

I just wanted to poke my head out and give an update. Despite grumbles I managed to get a blurb for Saran’s book. I need to fine tune it but having a blurb and cover make me feel better as I close in on the final stages of his book. Hold tight, readers. It’s coming. We should also have the next Warlord book in audio in another week or so which will be followed by the audio sequel to Mating Urge, Love Like No Other. Due to a slight narrator delay, Kyele’s Passion audio has been pushed to early 2017.

On twitter a few readers asked for a glimpses of A World Beyond characters similar to the ones I did for Vaan and the youngling and Argan with Shaina. I will see what I can do.  Meanwhile, I have to get back to my office so I can give release news soon. I will share another tidbit below for patient Warlord fans.

Saran ignored her interruption and continued as if she hadn’t spoken. The words rasped against the curve of her shoulder as he set her skin ablaze with light touches from his mouth. “You claimed to love me. I am not sure of this emotion enough to return the words but you will know the strength of my desire each night you grant me the right to your body.”


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