No, nope, not done but Cover Reveal-Saran’s book

*sigh* I hate saying that. I closeted myself to work and focus but I’m not done Saran’s book yet. I’m in the final stretch and boy I hope long time readers and new all enjoy it. Its definitely added to my grey hair count. LOL. I also realized I hate being disconnected. I’ve popped on and off my author facebook page, I still manage to answer email and blog questions under the book section here but I miss doing my blogs and chatting. I will try to get back in the rhythm especially since I plan to do nano next month where writers challenge themselves to write a 50k story in 30 days. Honor Bound and Torkel’s Chosen came from my prior nano challenges so hopefully I get some good mojo going.

Anyway, Saran is coming and because it’s taken so long I decided to share the cover here for those who are patiently waiting. Warlord book 6 folks 🙂


A King’s Revenge audio will release next week and I’ll get those links up as soon as they come through.



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