Another week of sneak peeks into my fellow writers WIP, new releases or current release. WeWriWa features an 8 sentence snippet. Follow the link here for other great snippets. http://www.wewriwa.com.

I had to get a little fancy with punctuation to end on a reasonable spot. 🙂 Once again I’m sharing from my upcoming sci-fi romance, Torkel’s Chosen. Last week my heroine stopped in front of the hero at the choosing ceremony. Enjoy!

She tipped her head to the side and smiled but the rapid pulse beating in her neck betrayed her nerves. She held up the gold Chosen medallion, “I want to give this to you.”

His world tilted, it could not be. After all these years a woman wanted to choose him. Disbelief colored his words when he cautiously asked, “Are you certain?”

She blushed, a pretty spark of color on her round cheeks.

“Yes, unless…” She looked at the sand. “Unless you want someone else.”

Things are looking up for Torkel 🙂


Pre-Order Torkel’s Chosen-Amazon

What would you do if Earth didn’t have enough men?

Would you take a chance and leave the only world you knew behind?

This is the decision Faith Reid faces. Placing all her hope in a new government program, she seizes the opportunity that offers a chance for the women of Earth to find love among the stars, on a world beyond the one they know.

How many times can one man risk rejection?

Would you give up on your dreams?

Torkel Alonson has had enough of being ignored and looked over by females on his adopted home world of Enotia. His pride has suffered and  he must accept the painful truth. Females will never choose a male with his evil lineage despite his honorable service to his government’s military.

Can two people looking for the same thing find not just what they want but what they need in one another?



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